Platform components


Creation of full-fledged cartographic web applications based on cartographic services, geoprocessing and analysis tools, customization of the structure and content of the geoportal that does not require programming skills.

GIS server

Publishing vector and raster map data and geoprocessing tools as web services.


A single point of user access to published interactive maps, mapping web applications, web pages, documents, links to external sources.

Mobile applications

Working with published offline and online maps and web applications on Android and iOS mobile devices, using the mobile layout of the web portal and convenient mobile applications.

From data to services and applications

Other platform features

  • Work with any coordinate system, including geographic transformations
  • Support for transformations between different geoids of different coordinate systems
  • Measurement of distances and areas on the map and on the geometry of features
  • Support for external basemaps, such as Yandex, Google, ArcGIS, Here, 2GIS, OSM, Bing
  • Support for various types of authentication: login/password, social networks, etc.
  • Automatic user registration with administrator notification
  • Building the shortest routes and service areas
  • Support for multilingual portal and web applications
  • Printing maps using templates with marginal design
  • Uploading and downloading data in Excel with full and partial data update
  • Image gallery with callouts and filters
  • Dynamic links to the map for sharing, integration, insertion into email templates

Where to begin?


System requirements

Operating systems: Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, RHEL, etc.), Windows Server

Requisite web servers: NGINX, Apache, IIS.

Supported DBMS: PostgreSQL (PostGIS), Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database.