CoGIS - more than just a geographic information system

Digital infrastructure platform for creating cartographic web applications and geoinformation portals

This video demonstrates the main CoGIS features and the tasks that can be solved using the platform.

The tasks examples used in the video are based on the real projects implemented for our customers and on the working prototypes.

Besides, the video contains screenshots of our CoGIS demo portal which you are welcome to visit to learn more about the platform functionality in action.  

Scopes of platform application


Where to begin?


Request for more, we're here to help

If you are interested in our services or have any questions regarding CoGIS functionality, address us at and our Services & Support team will be happy to assist you with sending you more information and discussing your requests further at your convenience.

We are ready organize a live CoGIS demonstration, so that you could evaluate the platform capabilities with respect to your working tasks.

We also recommend visiting our demo portal to see a large catalog of thematic maps, to try the CoGIS tools and functions and so to learn the platform features in more detail.  

More information

More information about CoGIS, including the product's documentation, can be found in the About the platform section.

About the platfrom